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Traffic and Street Signs

Traffic and street signs must be manufactured in accordance with related South African standards and specifications as they are extremely important wayfinding and warning mechanisms. Safety on the road is determined by the correct application of traffic and street signs and is therefore a very specialised department in signage.

Many industries such as construction, mining and maintenance, rely on the use of signs in order to protect the community and employees on site. These industries will require traffic or street signs too, it is not only municipalities which require such signage. If your business requires any road, traffic or street signs – speak to Signarama about your needs.

Types of road, traffic or street signs

1. Regulatory Signs
Street signs that control or command aspects of the road and vehicles.

2. Warning Signs
Signs that give adequate warning of upcoming layout, obstacles, dangers or possible scenarios on the road.

3. Guidance Signs
Wayfinding, guidance and informative road signs.

4. Temporary Signs
Command signs that are to be temporarily adhered to, typically during construction or maintenance on the road.

Road, traffic or street signs are used all over the country such as on national, public and private roads, construction and mining areas, parking areas and temporary events.

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