Tear drop banners are ideal for attracting attention

Tear drop banners are ideal for attracting attention

Tear drop banners are a great way to attract attention and are one of our most versatile promotional products at Signarama. Catching the eye of passers-by with their striking colours, movement and height, these signage flags are ideal for outdoor events, retail yards and expos.

Lightweight, portable and easy to assemble, flags are great for on the go advertising, street side branding and special promotions. If you have an event coming up where you want your brand to stand out from the crowd, be sure to talk to your closest Signarama team and let us help you take care of the project. We can assist with the design of your banners to ensure that it is professional and attractive.

Benefits of using banners:

• Maximum exposure
A tear drop banner’s shape ensures that it is highly visible to passers-by. If designed professionally, your branding message will also be clear to potential clients, making it more probable for them to interact with your business.

• Affordable
These banners are one of the most affordable advertising mediums available on the market today, and it can be used again and again to promote your business. Banners can also be printed on both sides, saving you money on the number of banners you need to get your message across.

• Portable
Tear drop banners can easily be transported and set up, allowing you to market your business wherever and whenever required.

• Durable
Signarama makes sure to manufacture banners that are durable to offer the best value to our clients.

• Versatile
Tear drop banners are versatile and can be used for marketing purposes in any industry, for any business.

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