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Social distancing stickers has become more than just the latest buzzword, it has become a necessity to actively reduce the transmission of the deadly coronavirus disease COVID-19. The aspect of physical distancing exists to ensure transmission is kept at a minimum, as virus carriers may be asymptomatic (show no signs of COVID-19) and unknowingly spread the virus. Although the best way to limit the spread of this virus is to avoid or limit face-to-face contact, it is not practical when people require necessities or care. Therefore, the best way to approach physical distancing is by social distancing where people move and stand next to each other with at least a 1-2m space between them on all sides.

As social distancing continues to be part of our lives for the foreseeable future, Signarama has added physical distancing decals and stickers to their signage range. Any type of establishment can make use of these stickers to encourage proper distancing protocols as required by the South African Government. These stickers are needed to physically distance consumers, employees, learners, shoppers, visitors, patients and clients in order to combat the spread of COVID-19 from person to person.

Are social distancing stickers necessary?

Absolutely, in fact they are mandated by the government. As COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease, it is easily spread from person to person if either is infectious. Social distancing is required as many carriers may be asymptomatic or not yet tested, which is why safety and hygiene measures have been implemented. The safety of your employees and customers should be your top priority during and post pandemic times.

A powerful tool in not only the fight against COVID-19 but efforts to flatten the curve, social distancing stickers are needed. These stickers assist people in identifying where to safely stand in queues, as well as a reminder that such physical acts are required to uphold hygiene standards and requirements.

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