Stand out from the rest with monument signs

Monument signs are a popular branding option for businesses

Studies have indicated that simply adding one monument sign in front of your business can increase your revenue by up to 9.3%! This simply proves that standing out to passing traffic can make a huge difference to your business and will increase your chances of being seen and remembered.

Well designed and executed monument signs give an impression of quality and permanence like nothing else – which is something that potential clients may value in a business. Monument signs can be manufactured from concrete and hardscape materials, metal cabinets with routed lettering and backlighting, dimensional letters, or acrylic faced sign cabinets with digitally printed signage, all depending on your specific requirements. Next time you drive through town, pay attention to the amount of monument signs next to the road – isn’t it time to get one for your business? Attract attention where it matters.

Advantages of installing monument signs:

Monument signs are freestanding signs often found in front of offices, shopping centres, educational campuses, and more. If you are situated within an office park or shopping centre, and you want to ensure that people know where they can find you, your own monument sign is something to consider! Here’s why:

  • Versatility – these signs allow for versatile designs, which means that you can incorporate your branding, corporate colours, etc. to ensure that people start recognising your brand.

  • Visibility – monument signs are visible to people driving and walking past. By adding illumination to your sign, you can make sure that it is visible to onlookers during the day and night!

  • Flexible Design – these signs offer a flexible design and you can incorporate elements such as LED lighting, 3D lettering, etc., to make your sign distinguishable from the rest.

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