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The Signs of our Times


With all the economic doom and gloom around, and uncertainty for businesses trying to budget to keep the lights on yet alone making profits, many business owners start cutting ‘costs’. There are two types of costs for most businesses, those that they can do without and those that they can’t. As the saying goes – You have to spend money to make money!

In tough times businesses need to brave the storm and ensure they keep their businesses and brands visible. During tight economic times marketing and branding spend is not one of those costs that businesses should consider cutting. In fact, as competing businesses try to make cost cuttings in the branding and signage departments, your business can capitalise on the reduction in signage and branding out there.

There’s also a great way to expand your businesses branding in times when money is tight, and that’s speaking to a specialist signage company who can provide a wide arrangement of sign types for any budget. Signage can be responsible for up to 50% of your customers from store front foot traffic and exhibitions.

So, get in touch with your local Signarama store (link to store pages) and let one of our experts advise you on the best type of sign for your business and budget.